At the moment, I'm building projects in reinforcement learning.

My interests change often but I usually like writing, talking about philosophy, working with tools and design, coding, and playing chess.

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Blockchain Research & Development
Jan 2022 - current
Currently working on research in efficient zero-knowledge proof generation and cryptographic automation to build secure networks and systems with students from Purdue University.
Worked on the development of a mobile-based blockchain as an alternative banking solution - pitched research findings in areas including cryptography, encryption, evms and efficient proofs, ideated technological implementations for SMS-based encryption and proof generation
Innovation Developer
June 2022 - August 2022
Worked at RBC on an internal business tool for securely shortening URLs with React, TypeScript, FastAPI, and MariaDB. Designed a browser extension and splash page around user experience, convenience, and utility
Conducted user interviews while working on weekly sprints in an agile environment, enhanced design and features to increase user adoption amongst the inner source and agile development teams of RBC.
Product Design and Development
April 2022 - June 2022
Worked on product at a startup building courses and tools for blockchain developers
talked to over 30 developers about their experience using different products, pitched 4 recommendations to product development team to optimize for key metrics